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Create HUD Circles in Illustrator

In this quick tutorial, I would like to show a quicker way to create hud circles with the help of some Illustrator Scripts. I could not find random size stroke width script so I tried to write myself. Other scripts used in tutorial: Random Opacity Cut at Selected Anchors.

Create Alphanumeric Vector Pattern in Illustrator

Create Random Alphanumerical Vector Pattern under 3 minutes within the help of Illustrator Scripts. Scripts used in this tutorial: Replace Selected Objects with Random Symbols Illustrator Script Convert Layers to Symbols And the other scripts are; Random Swatches Fill Script. Ungroup.

Free C4D Xpresso Led Text Board Setup

I would like to share with you guys a free C4D Xpresso Setup template which generates led text board easily…

Batch Current State to Object C4D Python Script

I would like to share with you my new simple but useful script; Batch “Current State to Object”…

Batch Clear Smart Filters from Selected Layers – Photoshop Script

Have you ever tried clearing smart filters from multiple selected layers? Unfortunately there is no command for that so I decided to write a script…

ExtendScript Filling a Shape Layer

Simple colorpicker example which fills active shape layer with choosen color…

Color Parser Class – Extendscript

Really useful color parser Extendscript class by¬†Stoyan Stefanov…

Acting on Selected Objects – Photoshop Scripting

Acting on Selected Objects – Photoshop Scripting…

Rotating a Layer using Extendscript

Rotating a layer using extendscript in Photoshop with orientation, angle and coordinates options…

Create a ScriptUI Color Picker

ExtendScript demonstrates simple ScriptUI Color Picker creation…

Photoshop Script – Determine Layer Kind

Useful photoshop extendscript script snippet determining kind of a layer…

Photoshop Script – Code Snippet Archive

Collection of some useful photoshop code snippets, functions and etc…