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Add Object Buffers with Name C4D Python Script


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This great Cinema 4D Python Script automatically adds object buffers with names



  1. Sandi Dolšak
    Sandi Dolšak01-27-2015

    Hey, this is a nice script, but you have syntax errors:

    “on op.GetUp = () ” probably missing “=” after on?
    “[c4d.compositingtag_enablechn1]” ID should be all caps

    I modified this script to work on selected tags only, will credit your code and share for free, hope it is OK with you?


    Sandi Dolšak

  2. zolo

    would you please give info how to use that script thank you

  3. Jay4d

    Don’t work with c4d R16

    File “‘scriptmanager'”, line 9
    on op.GetUp = ()
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

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