Today we’ll have a look at Cinema 4D Motext & Python interaction…

Changing Text in Motext

(Motext object should be selected.)

This script also renames object’s name as text you defined.

Split Motext Letters Into a Group as Separate Motext Objects

This tiny script I’ve written simply splits letters in a word then put them as individual objects under a null group. Objects stay still as a motext object. Their object name changes according to letter as well.

Split Sentences as Words in a Motext

With a little modification to script above we can easily split motext into words as separate objects. This one also hides render and editor view status of selected motext object.

Split Motext into Words with a Special Character Separator

Say we have a sentence : “Creativetuts Cinema 4D Python”, we would like to split this sentences into 3 words like “creativetuts”, “cinema 4d”, “python”.  By default if we simply split our words like in previous example it would be 4 words including “4d” .In this case we should define a special character to filter words which we want to hold still. We have used “~” character to define separator.

Make Motext String Uppercase, Lowercase and Swapcase

Example script showing how to convert your text to uppercase, lowercase or swap between those.

Remove Spaces and Specific Characters from String

In this example script we’ll try to remove specific characters and empty spaces from our string.

Split motext letters as separate objects & convert into editable polygons

This scripts basically duplicates selected motext, add connect object into the scene and put motext copy under connect object. Then convert this connect object into an editable polygon and call “Polygon Groups to Objects” command.


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