Today I would like to share with you two powerful techniques, blending deformers with Cloners & Plain Effector…

The first technique basically uses 2 cloners. Main Cloner with Iterate mode and Blend Cloner in Blend Mode. For Blend Mode cloner we set count value for 1. And for main cloner we are free to enter any value freely. Blend mode should be a child of a main cloner. And we should add our objects with some deformers. It would be any deformer, in our video tutorial we have used bend deformer. Basically for a smooth blending it is important to give same deformers for your two (or more) objects.  For example you may enter  in your first objects bend deformer strength as 0 and for the other 100. Key point is Plain Effector. We should set our falloff value for 50% in order to create equal transition between two objects deformations. Of course according to your subject you can increase or decrease this value. If you decrease value lower than 50% it will result more like object A and vice versa.

In our second technique we have used 3 cloners. Again one is Main Cloner and it is on the top. And then adding two cloners as children of Main Cloner with same hierarchy in Sort mode. Then we can do the same process in technique 1. Add two objects with two deformers but this time put one of your object two sub cloner 1 and the other one sub cloner 2. In the second example we have used Iain Greenhalgh‘s Progressively Weight Cloners Python Effector script as an addition. Then added into Top Cloners effectors list as from top to bottom;  Python EffectorPlain Effector – (other effectors you may want to add…) You may download sample scene to get this script from our previous tutorial.

Please watch our video tutorial;

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Download sample scenes;

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