In this tutorial we are going to take a look at Monoflop & Collision nodes to trigger an event…

Collision node in Xpresso can be used to detect collision between poly objects and results as boolean value on Out outputbox or collision count. (By default it’s not appearing when you drag and drop your node into your Xpresso editor. You have to add it from Red Outputbox. You have also state & reset options there. Count value by default does not reset when you turn back to frame 0. You have to trigger reset value manually. In this example I have showed how to reset it automatically when timeline frame is 0. I did that using simply compare node. Please check scene.) 

State output port also can be used for setting transition between 0-100 for example.

You have also Duration option which allows you to set how many frames you want your action to stay still.


Below you can download sample scene. Nothing fancy but showing simple functioning xpresso setup.

[wpdm_package id=1153 template=”link-template-default.php”]

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