In this quick tutorial I would like to demonstrate how to create random alphabet using multishader and spline shaders on mograph cloner as a material…

I was recently experimenting with multishader and spline shaders and came with an idea what if I apply it for a whole alphabet. Of course that can easily be done with motext and fracture but the way I’m going to show you is much more quicker and less-memory consumer.

The only negative thing about this technique is it cannot be extruded. But still I believe it might be useful in some areas.

First create a material. Click on alpha channel and choose multishader under texture – mograph channels.

By default it has 2 shader input fields. We need to add whole Alphabet which has 26 letters. (Only uppercase letters included)

So click add button for 24 times. And click on first one enter values as in image below;

Now go back to your multishader settings and copy spline channel for letter a and paste it to second one. Now only thing we need to change is Text area. One by one we need to change them as a,b,c…At the end you multishader channel should look like this;


After finishing all letters we can create our mograph cloner. Then put create a plane with 1×1 segments and place it under cloner. (This is why it’s fast, each letter will be only one polygon.)

Apply our multishader material to cloner.

Now as we increase our count value you will see all letters become visible.

If you need randomness you can add random effector and apply it to your cloner.


You may download my example scene.

In this example I have added one sphere and explosion modifier. I have changed cloner mode to object and applied sphere to it. As explosion grows by time letters follow polygons. Make sure you hide visibility of sphere.

Only registered users may download sample scenes. Please register.

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