Sharing is caring however you may still want to hide your code or xpresso setup. Here is how, keep on reading…

Say you have finished your Cinema 4D Xpresso Setup. You have nodes,  c.o.f.f.e.e. scripts, python etc. and you want to lock them or even hide them by adding a password protection 

Basically one thing I have found is to put all your nodes into a XGroup. To do that simply select all nodes in your Xpresso, right click and click Convert to XGroup. Then right click again and from View options select Locked as shown on second image below.







Then it’s time to add password. Click on your XGroup and from your attributes panel click Protect button. Set your password and you’re done. Once it’s added you should enter password to expand it or to check what’s inside by clicking Unprotect button again.



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