Here is our first tutorial of digital photography. Capturing lightning

What do you need? Gear for taking lightning shots;

Camera, preferably with a wide angle lens.


Cable release or wireless shutter remote release.

Safety first!

Be aware that lightining is something dangerous, be sure that you find a suitable shelter. It’s a good idea to get water protective covers for both you and your camera. Stay away standing under trees, tall objects especially metallic ones.

Ok, I know these already? What about Camera Settings?

In this scenerio Autofocus will not work actually so set your mode to manual focus.

Set your lens close to infinity. Keep your aperture value close to lowest number allowed to take your lightining strikes sharper.

You may use ISO 100 or ISO 200.

Set your shutter speed to about something between 15 or 30 seconds according to your scene.

Always shoot in Raw. Raw files includes much more data which means more control on your images. Even changing white balance is something easy if you take in Raw format.

If your camera has Noise Reduction or similar feature just switch it off.

Try to capture your scene in less seconds. If posibble try to stay at 15 sec of shutter speed which would give less grain and noise. You may increase up to ISO 800 if you really need it. There are some great Noise Reduction Software and Plugins all around.

Look your view through your live view panel.

Take many photos. Taking more shots increases your chance to get successful lightining shot.

If necessary experiment with longer exposure times but keep in mind that longer exposures may cause overexposed skies which would greatly decrease lightining strikes impact.



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