In today’s quick tutorial we’re going to create a rope in Cinema 4D…


Firstly we are going to create a Cycloid from splines. Then change its type to Epicycloid. Enter these values; Radius : 2 cm /  r : 0.5 cm / a: 0.5 cm / Start Angle:0  / End Angle:360, Plane:XY /Intermediate Points:Uniform and set its number to 0.

Then create a Helix, set its Start and End Radius to 4 cm. Set Start Angle as 0 and End Angle as 1500 degrees.


We are going to connect those two splines by using Sweep. Add them into your scene and drag your splines as your Sweep’s children. Cycloid should be on top as shown in the image.


We can also you use Cloner. Drag and drop your Sweep and its subgroup into Cloner. Set your cloner mode to Radial. And enter count number as 3. Radius might be 0. Plane should be XY. Make sure Render Instances option is not selected.


You’re done, if you want to use it with an other spline you may simply use Spline Wrap modifier, but to make it work you first need to create a Null and drag all your groups under this Null. Your Spline Wrap modifier should be on top in this subgroup.


To achieve more realistic results set your Spline Wrap Mode option to “Keep Length”. And axis should be Z+. Drag and drop your spline that you want.


And you are done.

Here is a video version of this tutorial.

[youtube url=”” width=”550″ height=”413″ fs=”1″ hd=”1″ rel=”0″ showsearch=”0″ showinfo=”0″]


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