Today I’m going to share with you guys a quick but a really handy tip ; Equalizing level for textures in photoshop…

  • Open up any of your textures.
  • Suppose your texture is a flatten image, just duplicate your background.
  • Click on duplicated layer and select from Filter / Blur / Average.
  • Then double click back on your background layer and move it up over your duplicated layer.
  • Change its blending mode to Linear Light and set its opacity to %50.
  • And after that click on Filter / Other / High-Pass. Set radius to desired size but 100 px works most of the times.
  • You are done.


I have also created two actions in order to speed up your work. The first one does exactly the same steps mentioned above, the second one additionally keeps up original color information which might be useful in some cases.

[wpdm_file id=45]

Hope you enjoyed and found this quick tip useful.

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