Today I would like to share with you guys a simple but useful action I have created; Remove Gradient Banding…

I was trying to create several studio backgrounds using Cinema 4D.  I had finished rendering my backgrounds and everything was fine. But what I saw when I opened my backgrounds in Photoshop was disappointing. There were waves on nearly all my gradient transitions. I remembered that I had this problem once again and as a solution I had used one action called No More Banding. It had saved the day but for this project it did not work properly at all. There was still gradient banding problem in a clear manner. So I have decided to create my own Photoshop Action. After lots of experiments and googling I have finished my Remove Gradient Banding Photoshop Action and sharing with you for free. Please do not hesitate to write your comments or suggestion to make it even better.

Download and play Creativetuts Remove Gradient Banding Photoshop Action for free.

[wpdm_file id=46]

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