Today,  I am going to share a super life saving little tip for Adobe Illustrator. I had seen most of people discuss about how to put a rounded box behind a text area. With this technique you will be able to create a graphic style for future use.


Click appearance tab, if it is not visible press Shift + F6 or click Windows / Appearance .  After you write your text click on Characters on appearance tab.

Add new fill. ( In this tutorial we are going to create black one.)

As you can see in the image below, our fill effect is above Characters. (This is important)


Now it is time to create our rounded rectangle. Click Effect > Rounded Rectangle. ( You may also create Rectangle or Ellipse.)



Set your Shape Options. Do not forget to activate preview checkbox. Extra Width and Height settings working like margins and paddings. You may also set corner radius of your rounded rectangle.


Now you are almost done, but your text is not visible because it was also black. We need to create a new fill.

After you have create a new fill set its color as you desired.

Yes you are done, but what if we have lots of text areas and we want to change them like this.  Thankfully Adobe Illustrator has Graphic Styles for this. So why don’t we drag and drop our text area to Graphic Styles Tab box.

It should be added to your graphic styles & it’s ready to use, just write some other text and press your lastly created Graphic Style. [hint] Hint : You may select multiple texts and with a single click you may convert them like this.


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