Sometimes it’s useful to make templates for our repetitive and commonly used tools or calculations…Here is how, keep on reading…

Today I would like to share a really simple, easy quick tip to create our custom object templates (including sub-objects)

For example you have created a basic Xpresso setup on a null object and you have userdata on it. You are able to save it as an object presets.

To do that select your object(s) on object panel then from “file” click “Save Object Preset“.

This way you may create your xpresso snippets. This is also handy to keep things organized and safe under cinema 4d folders.

You may also reach your object presets from content browser Presets – User folder and you may give them custom thumbnails. Maximum size of thumbnails is 256 x 256 px.


Edit : If you wish to immigrate version or simply want to use them on another computer you may save and load them as lib4d file from;

AppData\Roaming\MAXON\CINEMA 4D Rxx\library\browser\user.lib4d file.




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