In this quick tip you will learn how to drag default locked node input or output boxes into your xpresso editor as a unique node…

By default we are able to drag & drop  from user data fields in attributes tab to our xpresso editor easily. But if you dive into xpresso and try to use every single node you will realize that some input box cannot be dragged. And if you checked blue box for available allowed input box you cannot see them. Well I’m not sure if this is a bug or software development related issue. (At the end we are trying to create our own programs in something already programmed.) So how can we drag those values? Here is the answer;

Add your node. Say its Global Matrix Node, click on blue box on top left corner of your node to see available input box fields. But Bool, Integer, Filename has nothing to do with valuable input boxes on attributes panel like InMatrix[2] ports…

Now click on your node. And find white gear icon on the top-left corner of node title in attributes panel. Click and drag this icon into xpresso editor. And new node box is been added your xpresso editor, if you now click on blue box you will see those values.

Hope you like this quick tip…


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