Collection of useful python snippets for Cinema 4D…

Conditional Batch Process On Objects

This script cycles through all objects (hierarchies as well) with conditions, makes an array of matching objects and process on them. 


 Batch Polygon Groups to Object Script

This script will do the same as Polygon Groups to Object command but in batch mode. Select polygon objects and run script. All your objects will be disconnected without preserving polygon groups and placed under an empty null.


Deleting All Objects with Specific Name

This script cycles through all objects in document and deletes the ones which have predefined string.


Assigning All Objects in Document Into an Array

Finding X Sizes of All Objects and Assigning into an Array

Merge Polygons

Make Editable Command as Python Script

You may use these syntax to insert objects to the object manager:

  • BaseDocument.InsertObject ()
  • GeListNode.InsertUnder ()
  • GeListNode.InsertAfter ()
  • GeListNode.InsertBefore ()

There are same.

Spline Tangent Equalization Using Python Script

Changing Spline Point Type as Linear,Cubic, Akima and others…

Get Global Coordinates and Point IDs with Python


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