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Formula Effector Experiments


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This is going to be a sticky post for to experiment Formula Effector formulas and share with you, I hope I’ll be adding more formulas everyday…




Linear to Right


Hide Every Specific Number of Clones


For example we are hiding every 3rd clone in this example. 

Vice Versa


Abstract 2

Note that in the example above PZ value was -1

Abstract 3


Here, PZ value is -80. You may control frequency with F slider under variables.

  1. Neal Crosier
    Neal Crosier04-21-2020

    Great images. I set up a plane primitive and w gourd shading and 13 x 13 divisions. I fitted a formula deformer as child to the plane. but with the formulas I get no alteration of the plane. could you show how to set up the images in c4d? I really want to get the hang of the formula deformer. Or, should I be using the Mograph effector formula? I look forward to hearing back when you have a chance.

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