How To Create Your Own Presets For Xpresso

How to create and save custom Python or C.O.F.F.E.E. Node Presets in Xpresso?


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Formulas, calculations, comparisons and etc…Sometimes it would be great to save your custom Xpresso Nodes for future use…

I was recently trying to find out creating custom pools or custom Python&Coffee Script nodes and save them for future use in Xpresso. Because It’s something annoying every time to check your previous codes from older documents. Fortunately I have found how (It was in front of me actually but could not see it:) ) and wanted to share.

First of all, create a null and add xpresso tag. Double click on your xpresso tag to open xpresso editor. On left you should see two tabs as X-Manager and X-Pool. Click on X-Pool. Now create your custom nodes via C.O.F.F.E.E. node or Python node. Arrange your Input and Output ports and preferably name it according to its function. Now under X-Pool tab click on Edit – Create Pool. Save your preset document name and press enter. You have your own library now and you can drag & drop your nodes into that folder easily. If you wish to open these custom nodes in another computer you may simply find them by clicking Edit – Preferences – Open Preferences Folder and (OS) Library – XNode folder. Custom preset files are stored under this directory. You may copy them to another computer with this way.




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