Create HUD Circles in Illustrator

In this quick tutorial, I would like to show a quicker way to create hud circles with the help of some Illustrator Scripts. I could not find random size stroke width script so I tried to write myself.   // Random Stroke Width Script by var doc = app.activeDocument; var sel = [...]

Create Alphanumeric Vector Pattern in Illustrator

Create Random Alphanumerical Vector Pattern under 3 minutes within the help of Illustrator Scripts. Scripts used in this tutorial: Replace Selected Objects with Random Symbols Illustrator Script Convert Layers to Symbols And the other scripts are; Random Swatches Fill Script. Ungroup.

Batch Convert Selected Objects to Symbol – AI Script

var doc = app.activeDocument; var layer = doc.activeLayer; var sel = doc.selection; for(var i = 0; i < sel.length; i++){ doc.symbols.add( sel[i] ); redraw(); }  

Illustrator Scripting

This is a sticky article about Illustrator Scripting, growing continuously as I find something…

Ribbon Brush for Illustrator

Free Ribbon Brush for Adobe Illustrator.

Rainbow Brush for Illustrator

Free Rainbow Brush for Adobe Illustrator. Download it for free.

Muscle Brush for Illustrator

Free Muscle Brush for Adobe Illustrator.

Pea Brush for Illustrator

Today’s Creativetuts freebie is Peas Brush for Adobe Illustrator…

Bamboo Brush for Illustrator

Freebie – Bamboo Brush for Illustrator