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Question: How add multiple live strokes with different offset path settings using Javascript?

So recently I was trying to find a way to add multiple live strokes to a path.

First I have discovered “app.executeMenuCommand” commands.

Using those strings I was able to add stroke with an offset path.

But as I tried to put it inside of a loop it was showing dialogue for each step.

Then I have found this article luckly;

It was based on an idea that puts all parameters inside of  an xml string.

I have changed couple of text in string in order to attach variables.

For example above ; R mlim miterlimitvalue was for Miter Limit Value which appears in Offset Path dialogue box.

Same way; Offsetvalue and Jointype were my variables.

As you can see above I was able to write “Round” as a text for jointype parameter.

But my next question was how to find these commands for xmlstring ; like “R mlim”.

In previously given link  I’ve mentioned above, was showing a way to get these commands as exporting your shape as Adobe FXG.

As an Illustrator CC 2015 user I could not see that extension. Made a research and learnt that it had been removed from newer CC products. Asked one of my friend who has Adobe Illustrator CS6 and sent him that file.

I basically draw one rectangle add new stroke and applied offset path. In FXG export options there is a button as Show Code; It generates temp text file. Inside of this xml we have all info for creating custom live effect scripts.

Here is a part of my sample exported code from FXG;

Other examples I have found;



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  1. Caleb Gates says:

    I’ve been searching everywhere for this “power function” and it looks to be the most useful tool in all of ExtendScript. I’m hardpressed to get access to CS6 and am wishing I could get the live effect for the pathfinder Divide function. I see you have a pathfinder however I continue to get errors while trying to use it. any suggestions on how to use pathfinder or access a .fxg file with pathfinder divide in it? Thanks

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