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Pattern Maker v1.0 Cinema 4d Mograph Preset


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We would like introduce you a great Cinema 4D Mograph preset with lots of option create your own unique patterns. Pattern_Maker_Screenshot_01 This Cinema 4D Mograph Preset has lots of options. By default  Quadrilateral, Triangular, Hexagon, Octagon and Circular type patterns can be easily created. Package also includes long&detailed helpful introduction video and informational text.

Pattern Maker Mograph Preset for Cinema 4D - Options

Pattern Maker Mograph Preset for Cinema 4D – Options

You may use your custom textures and your custom splines (or 3D Volumes) as patterns. More over this Cinema 4D Mograph Preset allows you to revolve your pattern around a spline in various ways. It’s worth to buy, easy to use and useful Cinema 4D Mograph Preset.

Pattern Maker v1.0 for Cinema 4D from creativetuts.com on Vimeo. Some screenshots generated with Pattern Maker Cinema 4D Mograph Preset Pattern_Maker_Screenshot_02   Pattern_Maker_Screenshot_03   Pattern_Maker_Screenshot_04

  1. Ken

    I’ve been trying to log into this site to get pattern maker but the site is not sending me my password. There doesn’t seem to be any other contact list for the site. Any ideas how to resolve this issue?

    • admin

      We had an issue on our registration system now the problem has been solved. Please try log in again with your account info.
      You may purchase Pattern Maker from sellfy : https://sellfy.com/p/dQUn/

  2. Сделай сам
    Сделай сам04-28-2014


  3. Планета Земля
    Планета Земля05-06-2014

    very big thank you

    • admin

      You’re welcome. Glad you like it.

  4. GSK


    I would like to register and downloading some useful things from this site, but I can’t get any confirmation link after I re-check my email. Could you please fix this problem? Thank you very much.


    • admin

      Hi GSK,
      We had an issue on registration system and now it should have been resolved. Please try log in again.
      Best Regards.
      (By the way if you are interested in Pattern Maker you can download it via Sellfy : https://sellfy.com/p/dQUn/

  5. kamp3d

    I’ve paid for the pattern maker and didn’t recieve any confirmation with a download link.

    paypal receipt number – 1599-6307-7114-0794

    • Creativetuts.com Administrator
      Creativetuts.com Administrator09-21-2015

      When did you purchase this item? I have checked it both in my mail and paypal history but could not see it.

    • Roxy

      Thniikng like that is really amazing

  6. Mahmoud Zahar
    Mahmoud Zahar05-13-2016

    Just bought it and no download Link, HELP!

  7. Mahmoud Zahar
    Mahmoud Zahar05-13-2016

    Got it thanks

  8. Elouise

    A provacotive insight! Just what we need!

  9. Chamroen

    thank got it

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