Useful photoshop extendscript script snippet determining kind of a layer…

Example : LayerKind.SOLIDFILL is a shape layer.

BLACKANDWHITE : Black and white layer
BRIGHTNESSCONTRAST : Brightness contrast adjustment layer
CHANNELMIXER : Channel mixer adjustment layer
COLORBALANCE : Color balance adjustment layer
CURVES : Curves adjustment layer
EXPOSURE : Exposure layer
GRADIENTFILL : Gradient fill
GRADIENTMAP : Gradient map adjustment layer
HUESATURATION : Hue saturation adjustment layer
INVERSION : Invert adjustment layer
LAYER3D : 3D layer
LEVELS : Levels adjustment layer
NORMAL : Normal
PATTERNFILL : Pattern fill
PHOTOFILTER : Photo filter layer
POSTERIZE : Posterize adjustment layer
SELECTIVECOLOR : Selective color adjustment layer
SMARTOBJECT : Smart object layer
SOLIDFILL : Solid color
TEXT : Text Layer
THRESHOLD : Threshold adjustment layer
VIBRANCE : Vibrance layer
VIDEO : Video layer

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