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Ribbon Generator for Cinema 4D


Today I would like to introduce a great handy Ribbon Generator for Cinema 4D

Okey, you might say that there is already great tool for that in the name of RibRibbon by Derya Öztürk which is perfect. Actually I was going to buy it just before I had noticed that it’s not compatible with C4D R13,R14 and R15. So I had decided to create my own Ribbon Generator for Cinema 4D  and now there it is. Ribbon Generator Xpresso Setup for C4D  is quite fast and gives you lots of options like setting width, height, extrusion (for both text and ribbon itself),wrapping around a spline, horizontal and vertical bending, taper, bulge, cut amount, custom text and its settings, custom materials, horizontal and vertical shear, top and bottom stripes and patterns. (There are four pattern types and their sub settings which are Circle,Diamond,Star and Flower. You also have an option to disable or enable top/bottom separately)

Here is a quick introduction and how to video;

You may purchase it secure & qucik from ;

Ribbon Generator

Ribbon Generator

  1. Fidelia

    That hits the target pecrtfely. Thanks!

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