Recently I had needed to duplicate single smart object layer into 100s of Layer Sets. So I decided to write a script for it, enjoy…


Sometimes you might need to change script playback type to step by step or accelerated (default) . Here are two functions;

Rasterize Layer & Rasterize Layer Styles Photoshop Scripting Code Snippets

Rasterize Layer

Rasterize Layer Styles


This script merges all selected layer groups into flatten layers.

  • Layer Sets should be visible

Another script from Adobe Forum;

Have you ever tried clearing smart filters from multiple selected layers? Unfortunately there is no command for that so I decided to write a script…

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Collection of some useful photoshop code snippets, functions and etc…

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How to change photoshop layer icon color using Adobe ExtendScript?

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This is a sticky article about Illustrator Scripting, growing continuously as I find something…

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Useful handy  little script  I have found on Adobe Illustrator Scripting Forum and wanted to shared it. Script simply merge all layers on illustrator and group all objects.

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Again simple but powerful script by Carlos Canto. This one creates polygons with custom number of  sides and length. Illustrator by default only creates polygons by radius.

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