Recently I had needed to duplicate single smart object layer into 100s of Layer Sets. So I decided to write a script for it, enjoy…


Rasterize Layer & Rasterize Layer Styles Photoshop Scripting Code Snippets

Rasterize Layer

Rasterize Layer Styles


This script merges all selected layer groups into flatten layers.

  • Layer Sets should be visible

Another script from Adobe Forum;

Photoshop Script – Deselect Layers

Have you ever tried clearing smart filters from multiple selected layers? Unfortunately there is no command for that so I decided to write a script…

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Rotating a layer using extendscript in Photoshop with orientation, angle and coordinates options…

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If you are generally working on large PSD files with lots of layers, sometimes things can turn into a mass. This little handy script helps keeping things in an order by deleting unnecessary non-visible, hidden layers.

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This basic script makes a simple but handy task. It repeats layer (does not matter if it’s shape or text) on horizontal and vertical values. You can also add repeating number of layer.

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Free Photoshop Script – Add Prefix to selected layers.

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